Local community event: Slovenia

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On the 8th of October a local community event took place in Koper, at the PiNA office. In addition to raise awareness about the importance of self-sufficiency and locally produced food, the event was aimed to shed light on the broader social aspect of community urban gardens and their potential in the context of economic and social impacts for young people. Three guests were invited to the roundtable. Firstly, ANTON KOMAT, a freelance researcher, environmentalist and an expert in the field of community urban gardening, activist in the fields of local self-sufficiency, improved quality of life through changing dietary habits, attitudes towards nature and dynamics of relationships between people. Secondly, MIRJAM KOPŠE, permaculture expert partner in the project, named Garden of Povšetova Prison (Ljubljana) in which young international volunteers together with Povšetova prisoners created an urban community garden, to learn the practical part of gardening, permaculture principles and experience the positive effects of horticultural therapy. Third guest was IRENA WOELLE, an “eco Taliban” with seven gardens, coordinator at Community garden Beyond a Construction Site, who is in constant movement towards self-sufficiency. Guests of the Roundtable were a rich source of knowledge and diverse experience in the field of urban gardening, permaculture, rural enterprise development, local self-sufficiency, so all the participants had a great chance to raise new ideas and inspiration for further steps on our greenway.