Local community event: Italy

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On Sunday 12th October the Italian local community event took place in Palermo. It was held during the market of organic fruits organized by CODIFAS (a consortium promoting and defensing the Sicilian agriculture) at the shared urban garden in Palermo (where the DDEEP urban garden is located). There were organized different workshops in which a numerous group of people had the opportunity to participate in. The final local event started with a workshop about vertical gardening. By using recycled material (such as plastic bottles), people learned how to cultivate some plants even if they don’t have enough space at home. Then, the DDEEP youth educators did a tour to the children through the DDEEP urban garden. Taking with them some little hand forks and trowels, the group of little boys and girls learned how to distinguish some vegetables and how those have been planted and how to take care of them. At the end of the workshop, they were rewarded with a little lettuce that they will make it grown and need to take care of at home. Across the several stands of the market, people could buy organic products coming from all the territory of Sicily. It was also the opportunity for a local association, OltreVerde, to make a workshop on ceramics. Meanwhile, DDEEP youth organized a tasting workshop, making comparison between organic and not organic fruits, inviting people to fill in an evaluation questionnaire.