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    A really interesting article about the Secret Gardens Of Syria’s Refugee Camps!



    This is really a nice and at the same time sad story!

    Thank you Vid for sharing!



    “When I’m gardening I’m keeping myself occupied so that I don’t get to feel frustrated or angry, your psychology changes when you work with plants.
    This garden is an expression of love between one another, green is good. The smell is wonderful; it’s also good because it captures the dust in this desert. It locks up the heat and makes this place a bit cooler and humid.”

    This statement reminded me of the recent scientific findings related to dirt and gardening that Mirjam Kopše was mentioning on the Round table (that Slovenian Digging Deep team organised) when talking about horticultural therapy. And the story itself is slightly similar to slovenian prison garden (if anybody wants to know more about this project At least when it comes to therapeutic effect that garden or rather to say soil has on the people who are not in an enviable situation.
    Interesting further reading on this topic:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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