Digging Deep: International workshop and its first local workshop in Palermo

digging-deepComing from China, Ghana, Italy and Slovenia, 20 youths met in Palermo from April 13th to April 18th as part of Digging Deep project activities. DDEEP is co-financed by the European Union, within the framework of Youth in Action programme, Action 3.2. Together with partner countries coordinators – CESIE (Italy), KID PiNA (Slovenia), CANGO (China), IYEC (Ghana) – their four local working groups had the chance to analyze different aspects of urban garden related issues, to share experiences and to be updated about the activities carried out by each group in different partner countries.

This International workshop took place during an extremely intense week, featuring sessions devoted to urban agriculture as a means of social inclusion, to the analysis of different kinds of urban gardens and to the opportunity of recycling materials to cultivate new urban fields.

Along with this theoretical part, based on the usage of non-formal learning tools, participants had the chance to put these techniques into practice! They visited Italian working group’s urban garden, located in the new common CODIFAS garden (in the Velodromo area). After having debated with Ambrogio Vario, expert in urban agriculture, sustainability and CODIFAS president as well, youths took possession and marked the field they would take care of in the upcoming months.

Moreover participants have also prepared a draft of an Handbook on Urban Gardening, created by 4 cartoonists from each local working group. This book will be released in October, during the second International workshop in Accra (Ghana).

Finally local working groups developed their own programmes of activities; in fact, each group will held 6 workshops, addressed to different target groups.

The first of these workshops of the Italian working group took place on April 26th, as one of the events featured in the Earth Day programmed happenings. In the morning, Italian youths participated in a round table talk on Green Cities, so as to present the project to experts in this field such as the Botanical Garden Director, Franco Maria Raimondo – City Council Representative for Green Areas, and Professor Giuseppe Barbera.

In the afternoon, instead, youths have animated ticipORTO workshop, a didactic activity aimed at explaining all the necessary steps for the creation of an urban garden. From planning to planting, through recycling materials to shape pots, this workshop could make happy and enthusiastic both children and their parents. This is just the first event of a series of meetings, focused on urban gardens as a means of social inclusion.

To learn more about this project and to be informed about the upcoming local working group activity, please contact Giuseppe La Farina at giuseppe.lafarina@cesie.org.

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